Daniel Cesarani with some of the 64 boxes that make up his father's collection.
Daniel Cesarani with some of the 64 boxes that make up his father’s collection.

Professor David Cesarani OBE was one of the leading scholars of the Holocaust of his generation and enjoyed an international reputation for both his academic and his media work. He joined The Wiener Library as Director of Studies in October 1989, before becoming the Director in 1991. Under his leadership, the academic profile of the Library blossomed – making us more professional and responsive in every aspect of our work.

In October 2015, it was with immense sadness that we learnt that David had passed away following a short illness.  His leadership left an indelible mark on the institution and everyone who worked with him as a colleague, and he is greatly missed. He laid a great deal of the groundwork for later progress, particularly in securing grants and funding for essential work.

In 2019, his family donated his personal library to The Wiener Library and in April 1,404 volumes arrived at their new home in the Library. David’s wife, Dawn Cesarani, who donated his books has said:

“We are delighted that David’s collection is now at the Wiener Library – with which he was associated for so long – and that his books will be used in the future by others researching aspects of the Holocaust and its aftermath.” 

We are deeply grateful for this personal donation and look forward to cataloguing and adding to our collection.