Ernst Fraenkel OBE at The Wiener Library, 1998.
Ernst Fraenkel OBE at The Wiener Library, 1998.

The Wiener Holocaust Library is delighted to announce the Ernst Fraenkel Prize 2019 winner, which has been awarded under new criteria. Judged by Dr. Zoë Waxman (University of Oxford), Professor Tim Cole (University of Bristol) and Professor Debórah Dwork (Clark University), the submissions this year showcased some outstanding work.

The Prize is open to submissions for books or manuscripts accepted by a publisher but not yet published at the time of submission. They must be the author’s first or second book (and not an edited collection), with the following eligible subject areas:

  • The history of Antisemitism
  • The history of Nazism
  • Refugees and Exiles
  • The Holocaust
  • Genocide
  • Jewish History in the twentieth century as it pertains to the Holocaust
  • World War Two
  • Studies of post-Holocaust issues, for example, memory, commemoration, justice, Holocaust literature and art, philosophical and theological responses etc.

The 2019 prize has been awarded to Heidi Tworek for her work, News From Germany: The Competition to Control World Communications, 1900-1945, which uncovers how Germans fought to regulate information at home and used the innovation of wireless technology to magnify their power abroad.

The judging panel also highly commended the following Finalist:

Dr Jeffrey Koerber for his manuscript Borderland Generation: Soviet and Polish Jews under Hitler which offers an original and groundbreaking exploration of the ways in which young Polish and Soviet Jews fought for the survival and the complex impulses that shaped their varying methods.