The Holocaust Explained
The Holocaust Explained

This month, The Wiener Holocaust Library is pleased to relaunch The Holocaust Explained, an online educational resource that aims to teach British schoolchildren about the Holocaust. The website is an extremely popular resource with both teachers and students alike, receiving two million page views every year from over one million users across 140 countries.

The content on The Holocaust Explained has been organised into nine clearly defined topic areas and aims to answer students’ questions and challenge misconceptions about the Holocaust in an accessible, accurate and engaging way. Over the past two years, the Library’s unique and irreplaceable archival resources, including maps, photographs, documents, and diagrams, have been integrated into the site to help students visualise the period and explain key concepts.

The site also features brand new educational resources for teachers to use, including worksheets, activity suggestions, and downloadable primary sources.

Other key features include:

  • Video recordings of Holocaust survivor testimony.
  • Engaging tools for browsing and searching content.
  • A glossary of over a thousand words helping to explain difficult vocabulary and specialist terms.
  • A newly enhanced timeline of key events.

The Wiener Holocaust Library’s Director, Dr Toby Simpson, has said:

“We are pleased to be relaunching this online educational resource to provide an accessible, accurate and engaging way for children to learn about one of humanity’s darkest chapter of history. With the vast potential outreach of this website, we hope that the site continues to grow and showcase the unique and compelling documents within the Library’s vast archives to new audiences.”

The newly revitalised site was originally created by the London Jewish Cultural Centre (now part of the Jewish Community Centre London, JW3).  It was taken over by the Library in 2016.