A one-day virtual workshop on Monday 20 June 2022, 10am – 5pm BST

Hosted by the Holocaust and Genocide Research Partnership

From the Library’s Refugee Map – www.refugeemap.org

To mark 2022’s Refugee Week, the Library’s launch of its new Refugee Map and to explore the opportunities and challenges of digital humanities projects to record, analyse, and commemorate the experience of forced migration, we are pleased to host an interdisciplinary, one-day virtual symposium that will examine themes related to the challenges of transnational digital curation and the sustainability of digital humanities resources in a new digital age for archives and heritage collections. To what extent do digital resources that map the paths of forced migration extend or subvert archival mediation? Do they democratise access to globally dispersed archives, or reinforce national, cultural or other barriers? What are the problems of sustainability for digital resources?

The symposium will also feature a keynote lecture by Dr Simone Gigliotti (Royal Holloway, University of London), as well as a hands-on workshop for postgraduate researchers to work with the Library’s new Refugee Map. A draft programme will be posted shortly.

We welcome digital humanities scholars and practitioners, and scholars, postgraduate students and early career researchers in digital humanities, migration studies, history, sociology, anthropology, information studies, curatorial and archival studies, and related fields to participate. We anticipate that this workshop will be useful to both users and creators of digital humanities resources.

To apply to attend, please send the following information to Dr Christine Schmidt by Friday 10 June 2022: [email protected]. The organizing committee will notify you of your acceptance by 10 June.


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