The Ernst Fraenkel Prize

We are now accepting submissions for The Ernst Fraenkel Prize 2021. Please read below for more information regarding submission requirements.

Image of Ernst Fraenkel
Ernst Fraenkel at The Wiener Library, c. 1998.

The Wiener Library Ernst Fraenkel Prize is a prestigious annual competition for book-length academic manuscripts on the Holocaust, its context and implications, and twentieth century and post-Holocaust genocides.

As the Prize reached its 25th anniversary in 2014, we wanted to re-evaluate its remit to ensure that it continues to reflect the Library’s fields of interest, which have evolved over the years. Following the death of Ernst Fraenkel OBE in late 2014, the Prize was suspended for a year in 2016 and we took this opportunity to work with our trustees and with the Fraenkel family to revise the rules of the competition and the subject areas it covers.

Please note there are no longer two categories; the Ernst Fraenkel Prize is a single prize of £5,000, open to anyone who has not published more than two books (monographs). Please refer to the list of eligible subject areas and restrictions before sending your submission.

The following subject areas are eligible:

  • The History of Antisemitism as it pertains to the Nazi era
  • The History of Nazism and the Holocaust
  • Refugees and Exiles in the Nazi era
  • The Holocaust
  • Jewish History in the twentieth century as it pertains to the Holocaust
  • World War Two as it pertains to the Holocaust
  • Studies of post-Holocaust issues, for example, memory, commemoration, justice, Holocaust literature and art, philosophical and theological responses, etc.


  • Entry is restricted to an author’s first or second book (monograph)
  • The Prize is open to submissions for books or manuscripts accepted by a publisher but not yet published at the time of submission
  • The work must be written in English, or translated into English
  • Book manuscripts submitted in previous years may not be resubmitted in any following year
  • The panel reserves the right not to consider any work that falls outside the specified subject areas or fails to meet entry requirements.

Please send submissions to Olivia Oakley, Office Coordinator at o[email protected] in a Word or PDF format along with a copy of your CV. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 31 October 2021.

2020 Prize

Fraenkel Prize winners 2020

The 2020 prize has been jointly awarded to:

Dr Andrew Kornbluth, for their work, The August Trials: The Holocaust and Postwar Justice in Poland interrogates the trials that took place in Poland at the immediate end of the war and points to the origins of themes that persist within the politics of memory in contemporary Poland over the question of Polish complicity in the Holocaust

Dr Joanna Sliwa, for their work, Jewish Childhood in Krakow: A Microhistory of the Holocaust which immerses the reader through the thick description in the life worlds of children in the Krakow ghetto

The judging panel also highly commended the following Finalist:

Dr Elizabeth Anthony, for their work The Compromise of Return: Viennese Jews After the Holocaust which examines the shifting meanings of what returning ‘home’ meant for Jewish survivors in Vienna in the second half of the 1940s.

Past Winners

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