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Virtual Exhibition Panel: Jewish Archives, Artefacts and Memory in Transit

With the soon-to-launched virtual Holocaust Letters exhibition as a starting point, this virtual panel will explore new ways and research into thinking about archives, artifacts and other primary sources, including material sources as well as those not held in traditional archives to help us gain deeper insight into the history of Jewish refugees in transit and the knowledge those migrants possessed, produced, transmitted, or lost.

Living Memory: Photographic Exhibition and Slideshow, Reception with the artist

The Wiener Holocaust Library The Wiener Holocaust Library, London, United Kingdom

Produced during the summer of 2020, the Living Memory project showcases artist Catrine Val’s poignant and astonishing photographic portraits of London’s Jewish community. The project was produced during the profound dislocation caused by the pandemic and as the Holocaust begins to slip slowly from ‘living memory’.

Hybrid Lunchtime Exhibition Talk: Red Cross Messages from Nazi Germany, with Anthony Grenville

Red Cross messages had been introduced during the First World War, when an urgent need developed for a means that would re-establish the communications that had been severed by the conflict, for example between prisoners of war and their families at home. During the Second World War, as conventional means of communication were increasingly denied to Jews trapped in the Third Reich, Red Cross messages came to play a vital part in what remained of the contacts between those Jews and their family members who had escaped abroad; little systematic attention has, however, as yet been devoted to them.

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