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Virtual Event: 85 Years on from the Anschluss

To mark the anniversary of the German takeover of Austria, join The Wiener Holocaust Library and Generation 2 Generation to consider the significance of the Anschluss and its impact on the Jewish Community in Austria, as well as hearing some individual stories of Austrian Jews.

Hybrid Exhibition talk: Kristallnacht in Vienna: The Radicalisation of Antisemitic Policy in the Nazi State

In this talk, Dr Toby Simpson will discuss the reasons behind the extreme brutality of Kristallnacht in Vienna. Compared to other locations in the Third Reich, even in other cities where local antisemitism was rife, the brutal nature and long-term impact of anti-Jewish violence in the Austrian capital is striking. This talk will examine collections held at The Wiener Holocaust Library and consider what insights the study of this terrible historical event might offer people today.

Hybrid Exhibition talk: Portrait of Wally: Opening the floodgates for restitution, Shauna Isaac

Part of the Vienna Model of Radicalisation: Austria and the Shoah exhibition event series. One of the most significant cases of Nazi looting took place in 1998 when the Manhattan District Attorney seized Egon Schiele’s Portrait of Wally under the US stolen property act. This case captured the imagination of the public and changed the international conversation on restitution.

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