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Reading Room Exhibition: Nazi Children’s Songbooks

This exhibition shows a small part of the collection of children's songbooks published by the Nazis that The Wiener Holocaust Library holds. Music was a key element of Nazi propaganda. Prominent, recurring themes were nature (often used metaphorically) and the military as well as classic children’s songs – songs that I still sang in school in the late 2000s.

Reading Room Exhibition: Responses to The Wiener Library’s collections

This display includes a selection of material relating to Philip Manes, a German Jew and a prolific writer with a lifelong habit of keeping records of his experiences. He continued his cultural life in the Theresienstadt ghetto and camp, where he and his wife were sent in 1942, becoming an integral part of this community.

Reading Room Exhibition: The Wiener Library’s collection of Nazi calendars

Among The Wiener Library’s unique holdings there are a collection of calendars dating from 1935 to 1950 which demonstrate the reach of Nazi Party ideology into the homes of ordinary German citizens. Throughout these calendars there is a strong militaristic association, coupled with an emphasis on children, sports and the importance of keeping oneself fit and healthy.

Reading Room Exhibition: Rebuilding and reestablishing Jewish traditions after the Holocaust: Purim and Pesach

For many Holocaust survivors, the defeat of Nazi Germany did not bring instant freedom, nor did it necessarily bring happiness. The Red Cross, the Jewish Relief Unit, and other organisations did what they could in way of post-war relief and rehabilitation, but the bleak reality of the situation was that many survivors did not have homes, families or communities to go back to.

Reading Room Exhibition: Words of Resistance

This exhibition was created by the Youth Champion Board from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, young people committed to learning lessons from the past to help create a safer, better future. The HMDT Youth Champions came into The Wiener Library on 6 and 7 November to research and prepare the exhibition using Wiener Library archive material. They selected the exhibition topic to chime in with the HMDT’s theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, which is ‘The Power of Words’.

Reading Room Exhibition: Theatre and Literature in Concentration Camps

The Malicious Gossip Law, passed in early 1934, meant that telling an anti-Nazi joke was a crime, the same year infamous anti-Nazi film Hitler’s Reign of Terror was debuted in New York. Despite censorship, culture remained, and this resistance included literature, art, storytelling, underground newspapers, and maintaining religious customs, as well as notably - theatre.
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