Members of a group of refugees from German-occupied Czechoslovakia being marched away by police at Croydon airport on 31 March 1939

The Wiener Library is pleased to announce its exhibition, co-curated by the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Regional Ambassadors and the Library. The exhibition highlights documents, photographs and other resources from the Library’s collections that challenge commonly held assumptions regarding British responses to the Holocaust, such as that the British government entered the war to save the Jews.

The exhibition explores the British public’s responses to the Holocaust, as well as antisemitism within British society; information about the Holocaust in the press, and the stance of the British Government regarding the unfolding violence against Jews in Europe.

The exhibition also showcases the important work of Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassadors and Regional Ambassadors, who are committed to learning about and remembering the Holocaust, and are passionate about encouraging others to do the same.


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