The Library’s refugee family papers and audio testimonies are among its most valuable educational and research resources, and that is why we have made great efforts to bring these materials to our online audiences, especially those who are not able to travel to the Library. 

Our new digital map will give everybody the opportunity to browse and search a wide selection of The Wiener Library’s collections of refugee family papers as well as extensive clips from the AJR Refugee Voices audio-visual archive. Hundreds of these collections have been donated to the Library over the years by Jewish refugees and their families, who escaped Nazi antisemitic persecution by emigrating from Germany and other Nazi-dominated countries, including Poland, Austria, and France.

To celebrate the launch of ‘Refugee Family Papers: An Interactive Map’ we will be curating a temporary exhibition that showcases a selection of the original materials that have recently been scanned for inclusion on the map. This exhibition has been extended until Tuesday 5 May and highlights the history of the Jewish communities of cities that feature prominently on the digital map.

This new digital resource is now live. To use it please click here.

To read more about the project, see the article that has recently been posted our News page.