The businessman Ludwig Neumann was arrested and deported to Dachau shortly after Kristallnacht. This image was taken after his release in 1938.
Wiener Library Collections

Thousands of Jewish women, men and children brutalised. 25,000 Jewish men deported to concentration camps. Over 1,400 synagogues desecrated. Thousands of Jewish businesses and homes looted and destroyed. Over 100 Jews murdered.

The events of 9-10 November 1938, commonly called Kristallnacht, are the focus of The Wiener Library’s new temporary exhibition. Eighty years on, this exhibition explores exactly how the brutal events unfolded.

Through the eyewitness accounts gathered shortly after Kristallnacht, the exhibition examines responses to this unprecedented, nation-wide campaign of violence. Never-before-seen documents from the Library’s collection demonstrate German and Austrian Jews’ desperate attempts to flee, in many cases as refugees to Britain.

Newly curated by Dr Christine Schmidt and Dr Barbara Warnock, Shattered explores the experiences of Jewish women, men and children whose lives were changed forever after November 1938. 

SHATTERED: Pogrom, November 1938 event series

  • Exhibition Launch: Shattered: Pogrom, November 1938. 3 October 2018
  • Curator’s Talk: Shattered: Pogrom, November 1938. Dr Christine Schmidt and Dr Barbara Warnock. 18 October 2018.
  • PhD a Cup of Tea: ‘Austria is Lost’: British and Austrian Diplomats and their Experience of Anschluß. Timothy J. Schmalz. 6 November 2018.
  • Looking into the Abyss: Photos of Kristallnacht. Dr Christoph Kreutzmüller. 8 November 2018.
  • 1938 in Retrospect. Mary Fulbrook, Nicholas Stargardt and Jennifer Craig Norton. 27 November 2018 at the Jewish Museum London
  • Book Talk: Dunera Lives. Prof Jay Winter. 10 January 2019. 
  • Constantly Rebuilt: The Worms’ Synagogue 1034 to 1990s. Dr Susanne Urban. 30 January 2019.
  • Workshop: German Citizenship for British Jews. 5 February 2019.
  • ‘Shema Kolenu’: Practicing Judaism in Nazi Germany after Kristallnacht. Aubrey Pomerance. 14 February 2019. 

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