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Crisis of Britishness? Immigration, Race and Nation in Modern Britain

The idea that British identity and culture is threatened by non-white migration has pervaded contemporary British history. This exhibition highlights far-right nationalist rhetoric and the anti-fascist, anti-racist responses that followed. Using items from our unique archive it highlights the struggle over immigration, race and nation in Britain in the 1970-90s.

The Gathering Storm

April 1927 Should it go on like this? I In picnic spots, huntsmen had to use firearms in self-defence against National Socialists. Unsuspecting Jewish passers-by were stabbed by National Socialists […]

Fighting Antisemitism from Dreyfus to Today

This exhibition draws upon our collections to explore some of the individuals, organisations and campaigns that have fought back against antisemitism in France, Britain and Germany since the critical moment of the Dreyfus Affair.

Laurien Vastenhout: The Holocaust in the Netherlands: the ‘Dutch paradox’

In this talk, Dr Laurien Vastenhout presents an explanatory framework for this so-called ‘Dutch paradox’. In doing so, she not only provides an insight into how the Holocaust unfolded in the Netherlands, but also address some persistent misconceptions about the role of the Jewish community leadership – specifically, the Dutch Jewish Council – in the process of isolation and deportation of the Jews during the German occupation.

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