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Hybrid Exhibition Event: The Yezidi Genocide today – ‘It’s been nine years, and we are still there, in the tent’

What are the challenges facing Yezidi genocide survivors and internally displaced people living in the camps of northern Iraq today? How is Yezidi society changing? How do survivors feel about returning to their homes in Sinjar, the administration of the Iraqi government compensation scheme, and efforts to seek justice and accountability? And how are humanitarian organisations trying to help them meet these needs?  Find out more from an expert panel as part of our Genocidal Captivity exhibition events series.

Virtual Exhibition Panel: Archiving ISIS

This virtual panel will discuss how primary source documentation related to the activities of the transnational jihadist terrorist organisation, Islamic State (IS, or ISIS), has been collected, archived and made accessible for research, intelligence and other purposes over the last two decades.

Archive & Library discovery day with the Armenian Institute

Discover and explore a wealth of resources, titles, online access to video testimonies, references, and books in different languages, all in the heart of London, to support your studies and research projects. Focus on histories of peoples and genocide, and see how memory is preserved for future generations in these two original institutions. Open in priority to postgraduate students.

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