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Book Talk: From Discrimination to Death: Genocide Process through a Human Rights Lens

From Discrimination to Death studies the process of genocide through the human rights violations that occur during genocide. Using individual testimonies and in-depth multi-country field research from the Armenian Genocide, Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide, this book demonstrates that a pattern of specific escalating human rights abuses takes place in genocide.

Voices from the Drina: Launching a new educational resource on the Bosnian Genocide

This 12th July, as the world marks Srebrenica’s genocide memorial week, the Wiener Holocaust Library will be taking part in the launch of a new educational resource on the Bosnian Genocide. Bosnian Genocide researcher, Georgio Konstandi, will be presenting his live project, Voices from the Drina, which is combining social media with survivor testimonies to provide an easily accessible resource for students and researchers on the genocide in eastern Bosnia.

Virtual Event: 85 Years on from the Anschluss

To mark the anniversary of the German takeover of Austria, join The Wiener Holocaust Library and Generation 2 Generation to consider the significance of the Anschluss and its impact on the Jewish Community in Austria, as well as hearing some individual stories of Austrian Jews.

Beyond Camps and Forced Labour: Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution, Seventh International Multidisciplinary Conference

This conference, postponed from 2021, follows six successful conferences, which took place at Imperial War Museum London in 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015 and at Birkbeck, University of London and The Wiener Holocaust Library in 2018. It builds on areas previously investigated, and also opens up new fields of academic enquiry. 

Book talk: Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide: Identity, History and Hate Speech, Dr Ronan Lee

The genocide against the Rohingya in Myanmar has drawn global attention, a case at the International Court of Justice and recently a US government genocide declaration. “Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide: Identity, History and Hate Speech” is a unique study drawing on extensive fieldwork including interviews and testimony from the Rohingya in Myanmar, in their refugee camps and among the diaspora further afield to assess and outline the full scale of the disaster.

Virtual Panel: More than Parcels

The Wiener Holocaust Library, in partnership with the Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London, is delighted to host this panel of contributors to the recent publication, More than Parcels: Wartime Aid for Jews in Nazi-era Camps and Ghettos, who will reflect on the availability and significance of relief packages and other mail to prisoners in this important, under-researched aspect of Holocaust history.

Hybrid Book Talk: The Holocaust – An Unfinished History, by Dan Stone

The Wiener Holocaust Library is delighted to host a hybrid book talk event to celebrate the publication of Prof Dan Stone’s newest book, The Holocaust – an Unfinished History. He will be led in conversation with Prof Matthew Feldman. In-person participants will have the opportunity to purchase the book for signature.

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