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Public Lecture, Resisters: How ordinary Jews fought persecution in Hitler’s Germany, by Professor Wolf Gruner

In collaboration with the Holocaust and Genocide Research Partnership (The Wiener Holocaust Library and the Holocaust Research Institute, Royal Holloway, University of London). In this lecture from the Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, Professor Wolf Gruner will speak about his latest publication, Resisters: How Ordinary Jews Fought Persecution in Hitler’s Germany.

Free Public Performance: Yiddish Glory and Songs from Testimonies

As part of the closed “Bloody Folklore” Workshop on New Research on Music, Archives and the Holocaust, The Wiener Holocaust Library, the Yale Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, The Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London, ORT World Music and the Holocaust, and the UCL Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies are delighted to host two musical performances by Yiddish Glory and Songs from Testimonies.

Book Talk: From Discrimination to Death: Genocide Process through a Human Rights Lens

From Discrimination to Death studies the process of genocide through the human rights violations that occur during genocide. Using individual testimonies and in-depth multi-country field research from the Armenian Genocide, Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide, this book demonstrates that a pattern of specific escalating human rights abuses takes place in genocide.

Virtual Exhibition Panel: Jewish Archives, Artefacts and Memory in Transit

With the soon-to-launched virtual Holocaust Letters exhibition as a starting point, this virtual panel will explore new ways and research into thinking about archives, artifacts and other primary sources, including material sources as well as those not held in traditional archives to help us gain deeper insight into the history of Jewish refugees in transit and the knowledge those migrants possessed, produced, transmitted, or lost.

Hybrid Lunchtime Exhibition Talk: Red Cross Messages from Nazi Germany, with Anthony Grenville

Red Cross messages had been introduced during the First World War, when an urgent need developed for a means that would re-establish the communications that had been severed by the conflict, for example between prisoners of war and their families at home. During the Second World War, as conventional means of communication were increasingly denied to Jews trapped in the Third Reich, Red Cross messages came to play a vital part in what remained of the contacts between those Jews and their family members who had escaped abroad; little systematic attention has, however, as yet been devoted to them.

Hybrid Event: The Last Letter, with Karen Baum Gordon

Born a German Jew in 1915, Rudy Baum was eighty-six years old when he sealed the garage door of his Dallas home, turned on the car ignition, and tried to end his life. After confronting her father’s attempted suicide, Karen Baum Gordon, Rudy’s daughter, began a sincere effort to understand the sequence of events that led her father to that dreadful day in 2002. What she found were hidden scars of generational struggles reaching back to the camps and ghettos of the Third Reich. 

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