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Virtual PhD and a Cup of Tea: Holocaust or Indifference? The history of the Ethiopian Jews under Italian fascist rule

Within the context of the fascist conquest of Ethiopia, the history of the Ethiopian Jews, the Beta Israel, is significant. After the arrival of Italian troops in the 1930s, the Jewish group, which has always been divided by the Christian majority, gained special treatment. However, the regime’s attitude towards them changed due to the 1938 racial laws.

Virtual PhD and a Cup of Tea: Tottenham Hotspur and the Y-Word: The Contested Meanings of (Anti-)Antisemitism in Football

In February 2022, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club launched its “The WhY Word” campaign, which is calling on the fans to discontinue using the term “Yid.” Based on the analysis of numerous primary sources, interviews, and on-site research, this presentation seeks to understand the various perspectives on and the contested meanings of the term in the context of Tottenham Hotspur FC and the local fan culture.

Virtual PhD and a Cup of Tea: Does Holocaust Education Influence Gen Z’s Likelihood to Act Against Hate?

Using data from a new pre-/post-treatment survey of ~3600 North American teenagers, Dr Lerner argues that mandated Holocaust education interventions not only increase factual knowledge and decrease Holocaust denial in general, but that they also correspond with an increased likelihood that students will take necessary action to protect minority communities when confronted with hatred or intolerance.

Virtual PhD and a Cup of Tea: Ustaša Killing Specialists: the Personnel of the Jasenovac Concentration and Death Camp

With an estimated 90,000 to 100,000 victims, the Jasenovac concentration and death camp complex (1941–1945) was a major killing site during the Second World War and the epicentre of state-organized destruction in the fascist Independent State of Croatia. Emil Kjerte’s doctoral research focuses on the Croatian men and women stationed at the camp complex.

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