McLean Portrait Collection: Rudolf von Bünau

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Part of our McLean Collection, which comprises images of the leading figures of Nazi Germany as well as brief overviews of their career.
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Index card for Rudolf von Bünau, a German general in the Wehrmacht and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves of Nazi Germany. According to documents released in 2014, von Bünau, led a "group staff" of the Schnez-Truppe, a German secret paramilitary force established by Nazi veterans in 1949. This card is part of the McLean Collection which features leading figures of Nazi Germany and officers of Wehrmacht, SS, and SA as well as brief overviews of their careers in the Third Reich and the post-war years. Note: In order to preserve our original prints and allow for greater access to our photo collection, we are in the process of digitising our photographs. As such, only a small selection of our images are currently searchable online. If you wish to search the full collection please contact our Photo Archivist via email.
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