Dutch first edition of Anne Frank’s Diary

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Dutch first edition of Anne Frank's Diary titled Het achterhuis : Dagboekbrieven van 12 Juni 1942 – 1 August 1944.
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Originally titled The Secret Annex, Anne Frank's diary is the personal account of Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank, a Jewish girl who went into hiding with her family in Amsterdam after the Nazi invasion of Holland. On 4 August 1944 their hiding place was discovered, and the family was deported. Apart from her father Otto, the entire Frank family died in the camps.

Otto Frank found the diary after the war and published it in a limited run of only 1500 copies, of which this is one. The diary has become a potent symbol of the Holocaust by one of the most important authors of the twentieth century.

This item is on long-term loan from the Schorr Trust, who have been generously supporting The Wiener Holocaust Library for a number of years by placing nationally and internationally important Holocaust-related materials in our care.

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