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A diary by a British Jew deported from the Channel Islands to camps in Europe.
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Esther Pauline Lloyd was born in London in 1906. She later married a non-Jew from Jersey, and relinquished her Jewish identity. Despite this, she was forced to register as a Jew in 1940 and was deported to France and Germany in 1943. She launched an extraordinary campaign against her own deportation and, remarkably, was repatriated to Jersey in 1944. These diaries record daily life in the camps at Compiegne and Biberach.

During the German occupation of the Channel Islands many thousands of people were persecuted, including slave labourers, political prisoners and Jews. Their story has been largely omitted from a British narrative of ‘standing alone’ against Nazism and celebrations of British victory over Germany. Visit our online exhibition, On British Soil: Victims of Nazi Persection in the Channel Islands to find out more.

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