An eyewitness account by Kurt Lewin entitled ‘Emigration of a Jewish Communist to Shanghai’

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One of over 1,000 testimonies gathered by Wiener Library staff in the 1950s.
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During the 1950s, researchers at The Wiener Holocaust Library gathered over 1,000 accounts from eyewitnesses to Nazi persecution and genocide.

This testimony from Kurt Lewin documents the difficulties he experienced as a Jewish Communist, emigration to Shanghai and life in his adopted homeland after Japanese invasion.

"I left Germany on 18 June 1939. After a glorious two-and-a-half month long journey I landed in Shanghai. There, The Joint [The American Joint Distribution Committee] provided us in exemplary fashion with accommodation, food and a small amount of pocket money."

We recently launched a dedicated resource Testifying to the Truth to showcase this collection of testimonies, available in English for the first time.

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