Stamps depicting members of the French Resistance

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Part of the Eric Colbeck stamp collection, this stamp commemorates Pierre Brossolette, a member of the French Resistance.
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Eric Colbeck began collecting stamps as a 7 year old. As a soldier in the occupation forces in Germany during the war he began to take an interest in the stamps of the Nazi era. Spanning 10 volumes, these stamps form a section featuring figures in the French resistance movement, including Gaston Moutardier and Abbe Rene Bonpain. Pierre Brossolette was a French journalist and leading socialist politician. He was a popular voice on the radio before the war and his chronicles on Hitler's rise led to him being blacklisted early in the 1930s by the Nazis. He was a prominent member of the French Resistance and was arrested by the Gestapo in 1944. After severe torture he apparently threw himself from his prison window to avoid revealing crucial information.
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