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An image taken from our motorcycle album collection shows antisemitic signage in interwar Germany.
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This photograph is taken from our Motorcycle Album, a collection of antisemitic signs and posters outside German towns and villages taken by Jewish businessman Fritz Fürstenberg during a car journey from Berlin to Amsterdam in the summer of 1935. He took the photographs on one of these journeys in order to provide evidence of National Socialist persecution outside Germany. The sign reads 'Jews are not welcome here'. The album was subsequently donated to our predecessor, the Jewish Central Information Office (JCIO), who stated that the series had been taken by a motorcyclist in order to conceal the identity of the photographer. Note: In order to preserve our original prints and allow for greater access to our photo collection, we are in the process of digitising our photographs. As such, only a small selection of our images are currently searchable online. If you wish to search the full collection please contact our Photo Archivist via email.
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