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Part of the Reigner Collection, generously donated by Gerhard Riegner, former Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress.
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The Riegner Collection is an important collection which once belonged to Gerhard Riegner, the former Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress. Once filled Riegner’s flat near Geneva’s city centre, it comprises some 3000 volumes. Topics range from the Holocaust to the post-war development of Jewish-Christian relations, to human rights and the philosophy of law. Riegner was a key figure in Jewish politics during and after the Second World War. He possessed all the major publications of importance to the Jewish world that came out during this long period of service to the World Jewish Congress.

Pictured is Elliot Paul’s 1942 memoir of prewar Montmartre, The Last Time I Saw Paris. A nostalgic portrait of interwar Paris, the growing threat of the Second World War offers tragic poignancy for what is to come.

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