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Written by our founder, Dr Alfred Wiener, just a year after the First World War this pamphlet predicts the dangers to come.
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This pamphlet, entitled ‘Vor Pogromen?’ (English: Prelude to Pogroms?), is the first publication by our founder Dr Alfred Wiener. He wrote it in 1919 - just a year after returning to Germany from serving in the First World War.

His perception about what was building up in post-war Germany is acute and his opening words, “A mighty antisemitic flood has broken over our heads…”, are chilling. Looking back in knowledge of the Nazi regime and the Holocaust, the mixture of Wiener’s clear-sightedness, coupled with his perhaps naïve patriotism, optimism, determination and sheer human decency are poignant. He was to pay a high price for his beliefs and principles but he left a truly remarkable legacy.

Thanks to a new partnership with Granta Books, we are proud to announce that Vor Progrommen? will be published for the first time in English. Order a copy today.

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