Collection highlights

We asked our staff, trustees and friends of the Library to choose a special selection of items from our collection.

Map of Westerbork

A map of Westerbork drawn by Ruth Wiener, our founders daughter.

Map showing the grave of Sergii Posnik

A map drawn by post-war investigators trying to find the body of a prisoner killed near Marburg.

McLean Portrait Collection: Rudolf von Bünau

Part of our McLean Collection, which comprises images of the leading figures of Nazi Germany as well as brief overviews of their career.

Natalie Huss-Smickler recounting her journey from Vienna to the UK

An excerpt from the Association of Jewish Refugee’s ‘Refugee Voices’ project.

Notebooks belonging to Philipp Manes

Our Philipp Manes collection highlights cultural life in the Theresienstadt Ghetto.

Olga Warburg letters

Letters from Olga Warburg to her son Eddy about the last ‘famine’ winter in occupied Amsterdam.

Oyf di felder fun Treblinke: reportazsh

A comprehensive account of the Treblinka extermination camp written by Rachel Auerbach, an escapee of the Warsaw Ghetto.


Part of a collection on Polish-Jewish history donated by Professor Antony Polonsky.

Photograph seized on arrival at Neuengamme concentration camp

A photo taken from Samuel Gunther, born 29 December 1897, when he arrived at Neuengamme concentration camp.

Photographs from the 1936 Olympics in Berlin

Family photographs taken at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Photographs from the Linton (Liebermann) family papers collection

Photographs from the Linton (Liebermann) family papers collection show the home of a middle class Jewish family in Berlin before the unheaval of the Second World War.

Poster from the 1932 election

This election poster from 1932 presents Adolf Hitler as a strong leader.

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