Collection highlights

We asked our staff, trustees and friends of the Library to choose a special selection of items from our collection.

Propaganda photograph taken in the Łódź Ghetto

Taken by Mendel Grossman, this propaganda photograph shows idealised conditions in the Łódź Ghetto.


This Nazi school book contrasts the racially superior traits of Aryans with the negative role of Jews in German society.

Receipt for the purchase of a house in Prague, 1787

This contract the oldest item in our collection, dating from 1774.

Record titled Jewish Songs

A record comprising of Yiddish songs composed by Mordecai Gebirtyk, who died in the Krakow Ghetto.

Red Cross telegrams between the Kuhn family

Telegrams between Hannele Kuhn and her parents highlight family separation during the Holocaust.

Register of Jewish Survivors. Vol I & II (1945)

Compiled by the Search Bureau for the Missing Relatives, these volumes aimed to reunite families after the Holocaust.

Reichskolonialbund Propaganda

A postcard advertising the Reichskolonialbund, a body set up to reclaim the colonies previously held by Germany.

Ronnie Roberts: Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail recipes developed by Ronnie Roberts whilst incarcerated in the camp system due to racial persecution.

Signal, Wehrmacht propaganda

A propaganda magazine published by the Wehrmacht from 1940 to 1945.

Simplicissimus, a satiric magazine with political cartoons against Hitler

A copy of weekly satirical magazine Simplicissimus from 1928.

Sluit u aan bij de Unie, Nederlandsche Unie, 1940

Part of our poster collection, this recruitment poster was produced by the Nederlandsche Unie in 1940.

Stamps depicting members of the French Resistance

Part of the Eric Colbeck stamp collection, this stamp commemorates Pierre Brossolette, a member of the French Resistance.

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