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Collection highlights: Document

We asked our staff, trustees and friends of the Library to choose a special selection of items from our collection.

Alongside personal and family papers, the Library also holds significant collections relating to the rescue and rehabilitation of Jews in Europe, pre-war antisemitism and the racial and political persecution of victims of Nazism.

Golders Green protest flyer

A pamphlet advertising a protest meeting in Golders Green following Kristallnacht.

Hampstead Care Committee index card: Lily Abraham

Index card for Lily Abraham who arrived on the Kindertransport.

English hate-mail received around the time of naturalisation, c.1947

Anonymous hate mail received by the Neumann family around the time of their British naturalisation in 1947.

Olga Warburg letters

Letters from Olga Warburg to her son Eddy about the last ‘famine’ winter in occupied Amsterdam.

Currency from Theresienstadt

Currency from the Theresienstadt Ghetto, circulated by the Nazi party to create a false sense of normalcy.

Bernard Simon’s certificate to the ‘Royal Society of Deported Internees’

Made by his fellow internees, this satirical certificate welcomes Bernard Simon to the ‘Royal Society of Deported Internees’.

An eyewitness account by Hermine Horvath, a Roma woman from Austria

In this account Hermine Horvath, an Austrian Sinti woman, details her experiences during the Holocaust.

Documents from the Bern Trial

Documents from the 1933-1935 Bern Trials in which two Jewish groups sued the far-right Swiss National Front for distributing anti-Jewish propaganda.

Simplicissimus, a satiric magazine with political cartoons against Hitler

A copy of weekly satirical magazine Simplicissimus from 1928.

Letter by Margarethe Wiener to her daughter Ruth

A letter by Margarethe Wiener to her daughter Ruth written whilst they were incarcerated in Westerbork transit camp.

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