Collection highlights: Pamphlet

We asked our staff, trustees and friends of the Library to choose a special selection of items from our collection.

Our collection of pamphlets cover a wide range of European languages and range from guides to concentration camp memorial sites to early post-war publications by survivor organisations. The Library also holds a unique collection of Tarnschriften, disguised anti-Nazi pamphlets, many of which were smuggled into Nazi Germany to support the resistance.

Dod folks-moyl in natsi-klem: reydenishn in geto un katset

This fascinating volume documents the changes in Jewish verbal expression during the years of Nazi persecution, analysing poems, jokes, popular expressions, proverbs, slogans, common curses, secret codes, and more.

L’enfer de Ravensbrück

An early memoir written by a French political prisoner about her experience in Ravensbrück concentration camp.

Catalogue for the exhibition ‘Hitler’s Crimes’, held in Paris in 1945

Catalogue for an exhibition titled ‘Hitler’s Crimes’ held in Paris from 10 June – 31 July 1945.

The Red Triangle: Symbol of Dachau

A memoir written by a British political prisoner from Guernsey about his experience in Landsberg am Lech, a subcamp of Dachau.

Deutsche Jugend: ein Mal und Aufstellbuch

An illustrated book encouraging children to colour, cut out and play with images of the Hitler Youth.

Erfolg durch Nivea: Anleitung zur Gesichtsmassage

This example from our Tarnschriften collection shows anti-Nazi writing disguised as a Nivea branded booklet.

Tarnschriften: Tomato Seed Envelope

A disguised anti-Nazi pamphlet is hidden inside this packet of tomato seeds.

Child Victims of the New Germany: A Protest

This pamphlet, penned by Violet Bonham Carter, appealed to British audiences to help end the suffering of Jewish children in Germany.

Vor Pogrommen? by Dr Alfred Wiener

Written by our founder, Dr Alfred Wiener, just a year after the First World War this pamphlet predicts the dangers to come.

Oyf di felder fun Treblinke: reportazsh

A comprehensive account of the Treblinka extermination camp written by Rachel Auerbach, an escapee of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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