Prisoners of War

The Wiener Holocaust Library holds books, journals, and documents about prisoners of war (POWs) in Germany and other countries during World War II. It has material about Allied POWs, Jewish POWs, and German POWs in England, Europe, and the USA.

We have POW literature and memoir, popular literature and illustrated books, unpublished manuscripts, academic texts, and an excellent selection of POW camp newspapers from Britain and the USA. We hold material in a variety of languages about POWs from different countries of origin, theatres of war, and locations of interment.

We do not hold information or primary sources about more than a handful of individually named POWs. However we do have a small sample of personal documents and unpublished memoirs. Instead we offer readers the opportunity to do deep contextual research on the subject of POWs, camps, wartime economy and labour, and related topics.

Download our illustrated guide to researching prisoners of war at the Wiener Holocaust Library [4 page PDF].

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