Press Cuttings

The Library has a large microfilm collection of press cuttings for the years between 1933 and 2010 on the topic of the Holocaust, gathered from a wide variety of publications and browsable by subject.

The strength of this collection is the ability to browse by subject, with material from different countries and publications filed in chronological order. This arrangement enables researchers to make connections and discoveries often not possible through online searching. The cuttings in the archive trace the changing attitudes to, and perceptions of, the Holocaust, as well as the shaping of collective and public memory over time. The Holocaust is a relatively recent event and the archive demonstrates its continuing integration into the historical narrative, as well as on-going developments in commemoration and memorialisation. Nowhere is this process better illustrated than in the press.

The following four consecutive PDF Finding Aids give a detailed overview of the subjects covered in the archive: 

How to use the Press Cuttings collection

The Press Cuttings collection is divided in 2 sequences; each sequence is formed of 2 parts (a & b) – as shown below:

  • “Press Cuttings” PART 1a-b: 1934-1955 – Reels 1-205
    • Part 1a: 1934-1945
    • Part 1b: 1945-1955
  • “Press Cuttings” PART 2a-b: 1955-2010 – Reels 1-210
    • Part 2a: 1955-2004
    • Part 2b: 2004-2010

Please identify the relevant part (Part 1 or Part 2) of the Press Cuttings collection by consulting the finding aids above. Each PDF includes an ‘Outline’ section, that allows users to identify a topic, and a ‘Reel Number’ section, that allows researchers to identify the correct reel number – see below for examples.


P.C.1 Germany, 1933-1945: Outline
AThe Nazi Party
BDomestic Policy
CJulius Streicher and Stürmer
DNazi Race Theories
EChurch Struggle, Persecution of the Church, ‘Kulturkampf’
FGerman Learning
HUniversities and other institutions of Higher Learning
JNazi ‘Kultur’
Accession NumberShelfmark
AThe Nazi PartyReel
A.1.History: General; ‘Kampfzeit’; History of ‘Gaue’03/35-03/391
A.1.a.Horst Wessel, Leo Schlageter, Holzweber and Planetta03/38-02/391
A.1.b.Hitler Putch, 19231
A.2.Organisation and Programme08/34-12/381


The Press Cuttings collection is available only in microfilm format.

The Library has two microfilm readers available and therefore it is recommended that researchers reserve one of the machines in advance of their visit to avoid disappointment. Should you wish to make a reservation, please phone the Wolfson Reading Room on +44 (0) 20 7636 7242 or email the Collections Team.

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