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Current and upcoming exhibitions

Death Marches: Evidence and Memory

The Library’s new exhibition will uncover how forensic and other evidence about the death marches has been gathered since the end of the Holocaust.

Jewish Resistance to the Holocaust

Due to popular demand this exhibition, which draws upon the Library's unique archival collections to tell the often untold story of Jewish resistance, will be returning for a limited run in September 2021.

“We are not alone”: Legacies of Eugenics

The Library's upcoming exhibition will contribute to the ongoing public conversation about the role of science in shaping our current attempts to come to terms with several eugenic legacies, from racism to decolonisation.

This Fascist Life: Radical Right Movements in Interwar Europe

The Library's upcoming exhibition focuses on the experiences of rank-and-file members of fascist movements in the interwar period.

Upcoming events

Virtual Panel: The Politics of Dead Bodies

As part of the Library's exhibition events series, we are pleased to announce a virtual panel of speakers who will discuss the forensic turn in Holocaust and genocide studies.

Virtual PhD and A Cup of Tea: Benno Gantner’s Clandestine Death March Images

This PhD talk examines the clandestine nature and cartographical significance of a series of death march images taken by Benno Gantner from the window of his home as prisoners were marching southeast from Dachau after its liquidation in 1945.

Virtual Event: Denial and Distortion of the Holocaust and the Genocide Against the Tutsi: what is happening and how can we prevent it?

In this event, hosted in association with the Ishami Foundation to mark the anniversary of the ‘100 days’ of the Genocide Against the Tutsi, our panel of speakers will consider issues around denial and distortion of the Holocaust and of the genocide against Tutsi.

Virtual Book Talk: To Meet In Hell

'To Meet in Hell' follows Glyn Hughes, a high-ranking British officer, and Rachel Genuth, a teenager from the Hungarian provinces, as they navigate their respective forms of hell during the final, brutal year of the Second World War.

Virtual PhD and a Cup of Tea: “Jewish refugee ‘rescue’ at the interstices of Philippine independence, 1938-1941”

This virtual PhD and a Cup of Tea talk gives an overview of the admission of Jewish refugees to the Philippines from 1938 to 1941.
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